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He is the friend of my wife, therefore my and our friend as well!!!!

He started to smoke cannabis and became crazy, but not because of the cannabis. Because a swiss police officer was so jealous for another woman in his life (speculation)
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Damage the head with radioactivity heavily, come with the toxics, etc. Then come with the “Cern” (putting thoughts in your head) or with the “Cern repeater”. Then blame it onto the Cannabis.

They shot the toxics with radioactive interference into your body. Smaller molecules like CO can be used better than biger molecules to shot into the body.

On the road most often they use CO in comination with electricity to make you feel tired. But of course you get also shot from greenland while walking onto the road. Then they shot bigger molecules into your body like the Loeli (makes you laugh) or the aggressor, etc. …

– CO (binds 7times stronger to the haemoglobine than O2), makes you tired. Requires sugar to free the blood. Sirup toxic or the skin toxic is a problem to free to blood from O2.

– Skin toxic (lower elasticity of the skin, pendicular testicles = hanging balls

Cern-Aerosols (1/2):
– Agressor
– Loeli (Makes you laugh stupidly)
– Freezer 1 (makes males feeling cold) to revive
– Freezer 2 (makes males and females feeling cold) to revive
– Sweater

Cern Aerosols (2/2)
– Digestion (poop booster)
– Tears
– Snotty nose
– Aids (hunger preventer)
– Sleep preventer (for example after Benzodiazepane Withdrawal)
– Bud-annoyer (takes the drug aspects away when you smoke cannabis, to fool the cannabis consument)

– Marvin-eye (Makes your face look disgusting, especially around the eyes, they did this to Elon Musk or Neymar for example, after Cannabis consumption or a certain time it will become normal again)
– Tired Aerosol (in the morning that u drink coffee, u have problem to get up in the morning; or in a club or wherever u are)
– Killer-Aerosol (mostly in cigarettes is this toxic, you have problem to have feelings…, to induce a divorce for example)
– Muscle shortener aerosol (when u go into stretching for example)
– Muscle aerosol (to smaller u muscle temporary, till the toxic is a (bit) out…
– Heating up aerosol (to make u feel hot and uncomfortable to sleep during summer time)
– cougher aerosol (not to be confused with interference radioactiv alone induce cougher), can be used to kill animals
– Cigarette Aerosol / chainsmoker (this toxic makes you feel that u need to smoke a cigarette or several cigarettes)
– Femdom aerosol (maybe when u take cocaine, they give you this aerosol; makes you horny for leather latex, but me only during the puberty mainly)
– Penis up aerosol (muscle in the penis relax, blood gets in, you get a stiff penis.)
– Penis down aerosol (muscle in the penis under tension, blood gets out, you get a small not erected penis, tiny penis for the shower…)
– Thirst (Durst) Aerosol: When you forget your bottle water, this aerosol makes you suffer, you are very thirsty
– “Schnalz” Aerosol: You make noise with your tongue, and you get maybe hungry for olive, meat, cheese or higher quality food product; but also for pig fat products like trouts (forellen fish), olives, chips with smoking flavor. Pig fat makes you extremely slow, heavy toxic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– Saliva clumping Aerosol: This aerosol makes a reaction inside your mouth, you will remove the saliva clump with your fingers from your lips. When you eat at a restaurant maybe, to disugst others.
– Spine distance aerosol / become small aerosol : You get smaller, your upper part of the body, but also your legs, feet a lot. You cannot run over lego or comparable stones without pain anymore…; they give this to bodybuilder for example a lot; they made me about 15-20 cm shorter at the trainstation oerlikon some years ago.

Sperm is white with a lot of toxic. Only put semen (transparent) into your wife !!!! Vollmilch (milk with full fatty content), cream, certain choclate, mayonaise have this toxic, probably from male cows masterbating into the wall…. …your “ball” sack will become filled up immediately after consumption…..

Other topic concerning tobacco:
sorbic acid (sorbins├Ąure) of the rowanberry (vogelbeeren) in the tobacco as a preservative; (pdf tabakverordnung schweiz), give you stomach pain (bauchschmerzen) and makes your poop growth also when u smoke to much, becuase the digestions goes down!!

More Cern Aerosols I:
– CO (binds 7times stronger to the haemoglobine than O2), makes you tired. Requires sugar to free the blood. Sirup toxic or the skin toxic is a problem to free to blood from o2.
– Skin toxic (lower elasticity of the skin, pendicular testicles = hanging balls

More Cern Aerosols II:
– Disorientation (Problem to orientate in a building or outside, famous in football / soccer, problem to take the right decision, pass or dribblin)
– Pulse (Increase Heart beat, makes you more exhausted)
– Exhausting Aerosol

More Cern-Aersols III:
Schw├╝gel-Aerosol (to create disgust or an aversion on to a person or sth). /// They managed to do that with me for the buttons, so i prefered zippers as a child.

More Cern-Aersols IV:
– Chingel 1 (promotes growth of the chin, especially in combination with nicotine and caffeine!!!!; can be used to growth plan into each other; Chingel 1 is often used as Helmet aerosol… when you put on a helmet!!)
– Chingel 2 (promotes growth of ears and back head, especially in combination with nicotine and caffeine!!!!)

More Cern-Aerosols V:
– Noise toxic (Noise or music makes you pain, you lower the volume)
– Moaning / Headphones toxic (One starts to moan and feels uncomfortable travelling with headphones)

Radioactivity (1/3):
They shot the radioactivity into you, or you take it up. The soft radioactivity is in the coffee. With the electricity (induction) they can trigger it, for example inside the head only. Causing a radioactive decay.

Radioactivity (2/3):
This damages for example the brain. The outer part of the brain. Now the person takes with words not with sentences anymore and is way easier “cernable”. For example “I feel bad”
can be stored and accessed as only one point in the brain and not three. !!!

Neymar gets radioactivity and a decay assumably everyday. Everyday Neymar he learns football from new.

Radioactivity (3/3):
You have two devices that produce some sort of electromagnetic waves. Each device can be regarded as a christmas ball. When the balls only touch each other you are working with the highest precision. #KimKardashian A cutting volume means way less precision.

More Radioactivity I:
The cutting volume is also often used to cause disgusting farts, when layered above the digestive tract.

More Radioactivity II:
Iodized salt or Iod is a big help to “remove” the radioactive atoms in your body. Otherwise the child cannot grow well, when the radioactive atoms are in the way, stuck within the bones. But Iodized salt is difficult to get, they sell the normal salt as iodized.

More Radioactivity III:
Most Coffee is full of weak radioactivity. They use it to smaller the hands, feet or testicles without pain during the sleep or during the day.

Why are there so many aerosol for everything almost?

Simple answer, gene of duplication and gain of function happened thousand times in our body and every animal evolution. You knock in with a bacteria or fungus and you might get lucky.

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