The “Amphibienschutz” association is a non-profit amphibian conservation and nature conservation association. The association consists of a two-member board and a few members or helpers.

The association pursues the following non-profit projects:

  • Rescue of amphibians from drains, light shafts etc.
  • Amphibian escape ladders (frog ladders, amphibian gully pot ladder)
  • Creation of temporary waters for the threatened yellow-bellied toads
  • Creation of piles of branch leaves as winter and summer quarters
  • Illustrations / comics for the children
  • Support for international amphibian conservation

Association’s Board

Daniel Emmenegger

Place of citizenship:
Schüpfheim (LU)

Herpetology, nature conservation, botany, ornithology, entomology

Jean-Baptiste Evard

Place of citizenship:
Val-de-Ruz (NE)

Herpetology, nature conservation, web presence, coordination